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ISAK - Body Composition Measurements

Blood Chemistry Profiles 

Dietary Analysis 


ISAK is the gold standard in manual anthropometric body composition analysis. Measurements include stature & mass in addition to 17 measurements that give insight for fat mass, lean mass & fat distribution so that a prediction of total amount of body fat can be made. Measurements can be compared to markers for health status, evaluate nutrition interventions to changes in body composition, track progress & for specific goals related to performance

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Range of blood chemistry profiles & biochemical information used to assess nutritional deficiencies, & to check nutrient, hormone status to gain insight into your health, wellbeing & performance. These can be used to inform your nutrition as well as sport specific biomarker profiling. 

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Dietary analysis to optimise your health, recovery & performance. It provides vital dietary information & inform dietary choices. Analysis allows for a detailed view on your overall diet such as micronutrients - vitamins & minerals & macronutrients - carbohydrates, fibre, fats & protein. This can be done using food diaries include visual (photo logs) & analytical software

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Further assessments & tests coming soon:

Lifestyle assessments which include HRV stress analysis, recovery & sleep analysis.

Sweat Tests

Vo2 max analysis 

Resting metabolic rate

Lactate threshold analysis

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